Fugen / Solo für Lea: HAU3 and Sophiensaele

We are happy to re-play the pieces Fugen and Solo für Lea again!!!
Both pieces are part of a series of works that I subtitle as portraits and will be shown as Double Bill on the same weekend in HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Sophiensaele Berlin.

Fugues at HAU3
Thursday, 05.04.2018, 19:00
Friday, 06.04.2018, 19:00

Fugues: „...is a complex work that challenges both the choreographer Isabelle Schad and her audience in previously unseen ways. And thus creates opportunities to go beyond borders.“ (Katharina Schmidt)

With Fugues, Berlin choreographer and dancer Isabelle Schad continues her work between musical concepts and their expression in movement. Coming from a music background and a lifelong interest in the polyphonic work of J.S. Bach, she attempts to look at her own (hi)story and the origins of (her) movement between discipline and pleasure. Fugues is an autobiographical work in which the performer’s body serves as an example for the construction of the individual within disciplines and systems one cannot escape from.
pic: L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

Solo for Lea at Sophiensaele Berlin
Saturday, 07.04.2018, 19:30
Sunday, 08.04.2018, 19:30

Solo for Lea: „A study in minimalism, a physical portrait and a sculpture in motion … a sublime draft.“ (Elena Philipp)

Solo for Lea is a meeting between Isabelle Schad and Lea Moro. The work attempts to draw a very personal portrait of Lea Moro, dealing with the specificities of her body, its rhythms, its contours, colours and energies, playing with form-aspects of cubism and Picasso’s drawings in one dash. Together Schad and Moro engage in constellations of forming and disfiguring, in which the body itself becomes the stage: the space, place and matter that is the subject of observation.

See online : HAU

Published 29 March

teaching at HZT Berlin

I have had the pleasure to teach a 3 weeks seminar at HZT Berlin for the BA Dance / Context / Choreography. 15.1.-2.2.2018

Der Workshop befaßt sich mit Bewegungs- und Energieprinzipien, die von verschiedenen asiatischen Techniken wie Aikido, Schwert/ Stock Training, Shiatsu, Dehnungs- und Atemtechniken (Meridiandehnungen, Qi Gong, Ki-Konzepten) abgeleitet werden, und den jeweiligen Bedürfnissen der Beteiligten angepaßt werden.
Ziel ist, einen flüssigen und ganzheitlichen Zugang zum eigenen Körper, der Körper-Geist Einheit - zum Selbst - zu finden, um die Persönlichkeit zu stärken, sich in Bewegung und Präsenz voll ausdrücken zu können und eine vom Zentrum ausgehende Technik zu erlernen.
Die Erfahrungen dieser Warm-ups und Techniken verschränken sich anschließend mit meiner choreographischen Praxis: Wir werden Skizzen und Elemente erarbeiten, die Teil meiner Recherche für die neue Gruppenarbeit sein werden oder ganz einfach für sich selbst stehen. Isabelle Schad

See online : HZT-Berlin

Published 12 February

Invited Practice / YIN

I am interested in finding out notions around an energy work that could be considered of ’femine’ nature (among others). I therefore wanted to invite a smaller group of women who are interested in going on with my current research around weight shift, ’being one’ with gravitation and axis rotation.

10+11.1.2018 - from 10-14h. Training + choreographic research at Wiesenburg-Halle in Berlin Wedding.

Published 28 January

Open Practice Sessions at Wiesenburg

Currently I m interested in following my research on spaces of contemplation within a practice around energetic principles and rotation, in which groups of people become one body, an organization, an organism or a moving sculpture.
The sessions start with a body work based on principles coming from Zen related practices like Aikido-Zen and Zen-Shiatsu. It focuses on the continuation of movement, breath and Ki (energy), the unity of body and spirit, the understanding of weight shift, axis rotation and leaning, on relating body parts and organs to one another and to one’s center of gravitation, both in our individual work, in partner work and/or in the work within a group.
In the second part of the session I m interested in experimenting on ideas I have for my new upcoming group project Reflection.

Published 3 December 2017

Workshop at HfMDK in Frankfurt

I have had the pleasure to introduce and share my training / choreographic practice with a bunch of young BA students at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt.

16.-18.10.2017 at HfMDK in Frankfurt

Published 3 December 2017