Turning Solo at Mute Festival in Gent

24 November 2018
Ongoing from dusk: 16h37, Het Duivelsteen,Geeraard de Duivelstraat 1 – Ghent

Artist and Public in silence > a collective engagement

Mute imagines silence as a timespace in which everyone is equal. Silence is everyone’s and no one’s at the same time. Since there is no talking before or after the performance, your perception, affect and thoughts might linger on just a little bit longer…

Naima has been performing Turning Solo in silence within this very specific context !!

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Published 19 December 2018

@ DanceInn Festival

20/09/2018 / @ 19H

With two T-shirts she makes African, Spanish and mystical cultural elements appear, mediates with a turban the habitus of other people, turns into a torero and a bull, enlarges into a giant, into fluttering fantasy creatures and demonstrates at the same time the euphoric joyful impact of dancing.
(Michaela Schabel)

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Published 16 September 2018

@Lazareti Dubrovnik

Turning Solo will be presented @ Lazareti Art Workshop, Frana Supila 8, 20 000 Dubrovnik, 18.09.2018 18:00.
pic: D.Hartwig, all rights reserved.
Not ecstasy is the object of the highly concentrated Whirling of the Self, but the meditative protuberance of movement energies that sustain the pull of the generated vortex. A delightful double meditation, which definitely makes the world become a better one.
(Astrid Kaminski)

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Published 16 September 2018

@ Berlinische Galerie / ASSEMBLE

SATURDAY, 15.09.2018, 16:15 Pieces and Elements

ASSEMBLE is proud to present the second performance in the series: Isabelle Schad’s "Pieces and Elements", presented within Out Now! Art in Public Space - One Day Festival by the Berlinische Galerie.

Isabelle Schad has formulated a distinct imagery and vocabulary in her choreographies, which works through the processes of having, becoming, and living in a body. Schad’s work "Pieces and Elements" considers modes of being together in the sense of a collective, moving entity. This body, with its different parts and multiple connections, serves as an analogy for the natural world, in which each organism interrelates with all others in order for the whole to exist. In "Pieces and Elements", the alternating interactions between single limbs, body parts and movement across bodies display ever-changing relationships between the self and the group.
For ASSEMBLE, a single module from "Pieces and Elements" is selected and restaged for the outdoor plaza of the Berlinische Galerie, on the verge between the museum and the street. It takes place within a day-long festival on art in public space, among other talks and artist interventions. In this context, the group of dancers may be perceived as a public sculpture, whose energies enter into dialogue with its urban surroundings and with the other public artworks in its vicinity.
pic: Dajana Lothert, all rights reserved.

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Published 8 September 2018

Turning Solo at Wiesenburg-Festival 2018

We have had the pleasure to present this work in front of a big crowd in our space Wiesenburg-Halle !!
16:00 | Sat. 25th August
18:00 | Sun. 26th August
Wiesenburg On Air | Music and Art Festival #3’ is a 2 day music festival hosting Newcomers and established Bands, contemporary Dance performances and Art Workshops suitable for kids and adults.
Turning Solo is a choreographic portrait by Isabelle Schad for and with Naima Ferré.
pic: D.Hartwig, all rights reserved.

See online : Die Wiesenburg

Published 30 August 2018