For the project BACH I have been investigating the production of pleasurable, poetic and comical situations through a physical approach, that is based on body practice, movement and dance.
The focus on physicality is important in that it leaves behind emotional and strategical relations to representation; whereas one might produce pleasurable situations through the use of existing images or pre-conceived representations, I have been focusing on the interactions and functions of two bodies in communication as an initial motor.
The described approach thus goes from the physicality to the sensation, state or emotion and it doesn’t imply any psychological motivation, but may produce emotional reactions.
After years of working in the field of conceptual dance and performance this project on which I have been working together with Ivo and Sasha for the last 2 weeks brought me back to the very essence of my questions: how to be able to propose the dancing body in the more plain way as subject to be looked at?
‘The pleasure of the text is the moment, when my body is following its own ideas - as my body doesn’t have the same ideas than myself.’ writes Roland Barthes. With BACH I would like to affirm the potential generosity of a pleasurable dance performance, that lies in the direct experience between the ones who are dancing and the spectator.