First draft around the concept written by Isabelle Schad and Bruno Pocheron

tüddeldüddel-lüd invites a group of performers from Hamburg to respond choreographically to the sounds and chatters of their city.

tüddeldüddel-lüd seeks to look into the movement, the poetry and the absurdity of urban daily life, by investigating the body in its comical, theatrical and individual facets.

tüddeldüddel-lüd starts in the streets of Hamburg by the recording of subjective soundscapes of the city and continues in the theatre, where this material is put in relation to choreographic elements developed with the local performers in the frame of a 10 days workshop.

Resonating between the ’music of the city’, and the sounds and movements generated by the performers, tüddeldüddel-lüd attempts a game of perceptions between internal and external inputs, between hearing, seeing, moving / being moved.

The10 days working process will find its visibility into 4 public presentations on stage, reflecting on the theatricality of the city, its spaces of representation, the diffraction and magnification of the quotidian.

tüddeldüddel-lüd crosses over and develops ideas coming from two different projects: Ohne Worte (Praticable)*, with its research on the comical body, and Still Lives (Good Work)**, a community-based performance project created anew in each city where it is performed.

**stilllives-goodwork@blogspot.com, www.isabelle-schad.net