Sweet Dreams Are Made speaks of and endeavours to articulate the experience you and I have of our unconscious processes. In doing so we approach the impossible or something on the brink of unspeakable. We approach it with all the tools we have at hand: through translation, through kinaesthetic transference, through simple recognition, through rhythm, through extended time, through the common knowledge we share of dreams, through half logic of dreamers and the illogic of sensation. Derrida says any honest attempt at taking responsibility for ones place in the world (with all the contradictions and blind spots that implies), must bring us face to face with the impossible: “the condition of possibility of this thing responsibility is a certain experience and experiment of the possibility of the impossible.” This made us think about the inconceivable or the undreamt of and we came to the plain conclusion that if one can perceive of something through dreams it can potentially be conceived of or made to exist. Our response is some of the things we are dreaming of.

We are dreaming of becoming. We are dreaming of state of fearlessness. We are dreaming of a body that doesnt hurt…of not hurting other people…a world in which our people are calling the shots… the right body fluids at the right moment…someone who understands us, men who know what to do, affordable housing, bankers performing a musical called Crash…bouncing back…shedding masks…emerging as a beautiful butterfly…the life of an artist. We are dreaming of war (again).

In this collaborative work Simone Aughterlony and Isabelle Schad propose the theatre as being at once the space of dreaming and part of the dream itself. In their ever-evolving setting the body is capable of shifting status. The register of the performing body shifts from the quotidian and familiar to de-familiar or becoming body, from the theatrical body to the cartoon figure, the reflective body to the absent. Within this dream space they try to unravel the multiplicity of perspectives how to create a sense of the being the one observing whilst simultaneously being the subject of observation. They cultivate expressions of magical phenomena and delight in the construction of images of astonishing and uncanny coherence.

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