technical rider

This technical rider will be adapted to each venue.

A detailed light and sound plot will be worked out on plans.

Contact: Bruno Pocheron / +49 176 223 71 565 /
(please replace AT by @ in the "To" field)

RTF - 1.6 kb

- minimum 11 m by 11 m.
- black dance floor.
- both white walls or black box are possible.
- a possibility of exit backstage is necessary.
- the set is composed of about 10 cubic meters of used clothes sorted out by colours (they are fireproofed).

The light setting depends a lot on the space. what we for shure need is to have two different full washes on the whole stage (1 white and 1 cold, back, top, front, sides), allowing to create strong contrasts in the light atmospheres, as well as a few solo spots. we should also be able to have rather good blackouts (they punctuate the whole piece). 48 channels would be a minimum. Please find as an example the lightplot for california roll in Tanzquartier Wien.

PDF - 680.3 kb

- 2 Cd Players with autocue
- Mixboard with 6 Outputs (better subgroups than auxiliary)
- 3 Amplifiers
- 6 Speakers + 2 Subwoofers (stereo in the back of the stage, stereo in the front of the stage, stereo + subwoofers behind the audience)
- stagebox
- 6 big male jack to male xlr adapters
- 6 x 10m xlr extensions
+ cableing from mix board to PA

PDF - 132.2 kb

See online : bruno pocheron