Experience #0.3 explores the form of becoming from the perspective of our embryological development and the writing of dance as a consequence of movement, that we (all) have been passing through during that time of becoming.
From the time-spatial cellular relationships that keep evolving and that are in constant transformation derives a choreography that unfolds gradually to the sounds of natural and technical rhythms, till we venture to bring it into a compositional space of tension with Beethoven’s Großer Fuge...

A research around embryological processes & body experiences and its relation to writing dance.
Canon, period, cycle, spiral, relations of time, change, repetition, puls - the tracts of time used these notions to signify the organism as a specific pattern of order, more precisely : as a structure that contains its own time. Rhythm has been that rule under which the change of appearances assembles to a coherent entity and where the becoming of the organism could be thought of anew. (Janina Wellmann, The Form of Becoming).


12. January 2012, 17:30h
13. January 2012, 17:30h
Uferstudio 5, Uferstudios Berlin.

30. January 2012, 19h
Sofia Art Gallery, (1, Gen. Gurko Str.), Sofia, Bulgaria

19. + 20. + 21. Juli 2013, 19:00h
Wiesenburg-Halle, Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin.