In the frame of the Live Legacy Project, I have shared and shown different excerpts of the pieces Unturtled till Der Bau, trying to reveal some of the process around the series of pieces created together with Laurent Goldring.

It happened that through this first public presentation emerged a whole new solo which I gave lateron the title: An Un-Folding Process.

further description around the pieces:

DER BAU (The Burrow) is a continuation of the work started in 2008 that manifested itself concretely in the series UNTURTLED #1 through#4. In this series of pieces, the costume was considered as a transitional object: at once a prothesis of the missing last layer of the body, and simultaneously the first encompassing external space. The costume as organ makes possible an exploration of the body and the space around it can generate, as space, and as a stage, and as a scenography.
afka’s novella DerBau,where the burrow is described as a space deriving from the body itself, yet still belonging to it — bearing the form, traces, odours, wastes and reserves, hope and despair — seemed a good basis for further explorations of conceiving this new relationship between body and space...
 During the creation process it became clear that space itself is an organ, and it should be seen as an extension, a prolongement of the body. Rilke’s statement about Rodin (Rodin does not sculpt the body, but the spaces around them) can serve as the guideline to understand this idea.
We built a two-dimensional, planar, fuid space of large sheets of fabric. These external tissues are dealt with like internal tissues, and they respond in a surprisingly alive manner, at the same time as part of the body, as a shell, and as a partner.

The solo An Un-Folding Process has been developed and first presented in/for the frame of the Live Legacy Project: Correspondences between German contemporary dance and the Judson Dance Theatre Movement.