a performance by Nuno Bizarro (choreography and performance), Isabelle Schad (choreography and performance) and Bruno Pocheron (light and sound).

"While Revolver takes place in the frontal theatre apparatus and while it unfolds through the appearance and disappearance of images, the particular focus / attention that the two protagonists give to their movements and to the contact with each other invites us to perceive the action in its tri-dimensionality and to enter the volume and the density of the moving bodies. The gaze is sucked in details, intensities and in the movement continuum, so that the emerging images are not imposed but incorporated, leaving us with the choice to perceive them or not, to pause on them or to let them go. A quasi-stroboscopic light fractions the movement continuum and simultaneously underlines it: we can perceive the movement flux which is treated in such a way that we can as well read it as a succession of events, second after second, moment after moment.
Revolver evacuates any possibility of a narrative reading, thus escaping the trap of the representation of a male/female couple.
Revolver takes on the interrogation and the blur of our perceptions related to images, space, movement and time."

Frédéric Gies about Revolver

Coproduction CNDC Angers and Monty Antwerpen / Amperdans.