Saša Božić

Saša Božić is a Croatian theatre director and dramaturge present in the field of European contemporary dance. He worked as dramaturge with renowned European choreographers among which are Isabelle Schad (Germany), Simone Aughterlony (Germany), Francesco Scavetta (Norway), Martine Pisani (France), Dalija Aćin (Serbia), Ksenija Zec (Croatia), Iztok Kovac (Slovenia). His works were shown at variety of European festivals, such as: Theatre de Bastille-Paris, Recontre choreographiqe du Seine Saint-Denis – Paris, UOVO festival – Milano, Spider festival – Brussels, Eurokaz festival-Zagreb, BITEF festival – Belgrade.

He works as an assistant at the Department for Stage movement at the Zagreb Drama Arts Academy and runs an independent theatre company de facto.

Recently his own and collaborative projects were presented and produced in Croatian leading theater institutions, such as: theater itd Zagreb, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Split Summer Festival, among others.

Currently, he lives in Zagreb.