transdisciplinary project by Adriana Sa and Isabelle Schad

THIS IS JUST TO DO has developed through an intermedia work process, in which the participant artists have mutually challenged themselves for exploring and crossing the conceptual and technical "borders" underlying their disciplinary formations (sound, movement, visual arts, video).

A collective work-in-progress can assume permanent mutation as a stimulus for exercising one’s artistic response capabilities. It might promote the exploration of artistic and personal tools in depth through the variability of the work’s context.

Individual and collective adaptability/creativity - the human relational dynamics - become part of the structure underlying a project, which vouches for its "freshness" through continuing improvisations.

The project is developing permanently through a broad collective creation process (itinerary of collective residences attached), which trace and orientation is set by the initiators of the project.

Part 1 (Barcarena, Hamburg, Dresden, Chemnitz, Berlin, NY) was generally dedicated to some practical "definition" of the collective work process, including artists of different nationalities and artistic backgrounds.
Part 2 (Neerpelt, Antwerps, Berlin, Chemnitz) gathered a group of artists who had participated in previous residences. It related to the creation of a piece that should be able to tour adapting itself to each specific performance environment.
Part 3 (Lisbon,) integrates both local adaptations of this piece and improvised events. These last ones might also include the participation of local artists who have been previously external to the project’s development.

The trace of several practical researches has been followed, such as: looking for balance(s) between improvising and structuring - integration of both in the performances; balancing the relationship between personal "domains" - inter-action of different sensibilities; extending, re-inventing and re-assimilating disciplinary and personal tools and experiences; exploring the meanings inherent to any specific working spaces - the site determines different senses - common sensibility towards the space; articulating the "absurd" within a game between tension, irony and seriousness; exploring, in a human and esthetical way, processes related to identity transfer, fusion and splitting.