Intimacy in 3 Acts

The solo work SwitchPositionFreezeControl is based on the self-observation through video monitoring and the eyes of the spectator/observer.
From self-study to communication, the performance draws a tense line between performer and audience, questioning the status of both as well as their relation, exploring the language, perception and representation of the body in a wide range.

The invention of yourself in real time.
A self-study. An experiment. A kind of installation. A real moment.

An Bewegungen, die einer nicht gewöhnt ist, lässt sich leicht zeigen, dass sein Ich-Bild bei weitem nicht so vollständig und genau ist, wie er meint. Die Differenz zwischen Bild und Wirklichkeit beträgt oft 300% und noch mehr.

Moshé Feldenkrais

approach to work

The development of a specific body language based on the observation of the body patterns in quotidian/private situations, and the transcription of these patterns in an articulated body language, using tools as composition in real time, vocabulary of video editing applied to movement, strategies and rules (loops, repetitions, changes of point of view) for the construction/ deconstruction of a situation.

The approach of the performance as a moment of visibility of the process more than as a product, by creating loose associations, by proposing elements to be combined (more than a combination of different elements), by letting space for an own reading, understanding, recognition, identification, by letting images only appear, pass and transform.

Increasing the readability of the "writing", using accidents, coincidences, failures and imperfections in their very moment of happening, the work connects to the present, shows the reality of the instant through processing and creating in real time.

A proposal to the audience to find their own rules and connections, to question their point of view and expectations, to discover more than to receive.