is a project initiated by Isabelle Schad conceived by Isabelle Schad and Bruno Pocheron.

Around a reflection about contemporary issues as:

the relation between image and reality, the fragmentation of space and time as an important pattern in our more and more virtual lives, the generalised use of pornography and its codes as a major commercial weapon, the globally increasing addiction to lifestyle and fashion, The Better You Look The More You See gathers a pool of artists coming from different areas.

TBYLTMYS is thought as a continuous research process based on the development of different clusters of material belonging to each medium involved (movement research, sound, images, objects, text...), using as well the specific tools of each domain as common tools (looping systems, real time composition, video editing...).

The material generated by this stream of experiments and meetings will be combined/ juxtaposed and confronted in different public moments, in different surroundings and frames.

TBYLTMYS is an attempt to make processes visible more than a designed product. It is not about creating a fixed choreography and its dramaturgy possible to reproduce more or less on any stage but more a database of movement elements, images and sound sequences, texts that can be recalled, recombined, reorganised differently in different contexts.

In this perspective a good part of the work is about developing systems of rules and tools concerning individually each medium involved as well as systems of rules and tools that can apply to all the media involved. Some kind of game within a game organisation.

Two approaches are worked simultaneously:

pure juxtaposition of elements of different nature and observation of what results of it, in terms of new meanings, new images...(independent rules for each medium )
relation of causality between some elements of different nature (relation if...then... as a game rule), which creates an interdependency between the media involved in a complex action/reaction system (common rules for all the media).

In this choice of structure the ability of making decisions and having reactions in the present moment is essential. This ability might be natural for human beings (here the performers), but is less easy to achieve for the media based on technology (here mostly images, sound and light). The idea of real time composition based on decisions is already quite developed in the movement research part of TBYLTMYS, and still in progress concerning images, sound and light with the attempt of developing a multimedia sampler allowing as much flexibility as possible.