By definition the repeated step is never the same as the one you want to repeat, the same goes that to re-present an image does not lead to the repetition of its original presentation. Drawing these two notions together onto and into my ‘female’ body, this project explores the relationships operating between perception, reception and the body and how they come to be defined in each and the ‘other’. This work moves to define the gaps in the hidden and the seen scenes of the projected and real body, interrogating along the way the imagined and the real, the real and the identified.

The work of this piece performed in the gap between presentation and re-presentation of a body representing both subject and object whilst simultaneously splits body from person, seeks to redefine through this process the dialectic between inside/outside, public and private. The work appropriates certain notions of voyeuristic spectatorship on the body, ‘takes-out’ their known perception and instead installs that which is not seen and therefore blind to vision for an altogether new and relevant distinction between reality and appearance, true and false, acting and not acting, seeing and not seeing others/oneself.

The notion of joining a blind vision to the construction of ‘images’ for this performance is further extracted and augmented in the authorities of vision operating between spectator/performer. To do this a continuous ‘rear-vision’ is employed generating a forward/backward rotation elicited through a live dialogue between spectators and the performer. Drawing on a number of references and quotations from various media, film, photography and text, a series of serial patterns, looping systems and live actions will be generated towards their performative possibilities juxta-positioned via different soundtracks. The conversations held between spectators and the performer, perceive and receive each other through the generation of questions and descriptions that test new possibilities/ impossibilities in communication.