Art is beautiful, but causes a lot of work

It is the more difficult challenge you can take as a dancer. All alone on stage, without any kind of emotion-evoking music; only the own body rhythm and timing, the body, the space, the public. If one is able to keep the tension (and attention), if one manages to expose oneself to the looks of the spectators without any protection and still stays pure, if one is able to be minimalistic against the trend until the limits, then you have got it. That certain something. That makes an artist so special and unexchangable.
The remarkable quality of the dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad is not deniable. And specially because she is such an extraordinary and authentic performer she can afford to just indicate her abilities.
In the project "SwitchPositionFreezeControl"she shows without flourishes her search for an own body language, always questioning herself in a critical and reflecting way. (...)

(26.10. 2001, DNN)

Intimacy and talent-parade

The dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad still counts to the "upcoming choreographers", but to one of those who have found, developed and proved their own signature and language already. In the "Kleine Szene", she was showing for the first time her new "movement project" SPFC, with the subtitle "Intimacy in 3 acts". Only after a second look, one recognises the expressions in the title as: "switch position", "freeze control", technical expressions which have to do with regulation and control systems. For Isabelle Schad they have been reason for a solo, that deals with the observation of the own body. The intimate self-control in a naked room in front of a monitor has started before the public is entering the space, and renounces a clear ending where there is normally the applause; the practising of the self continues until the last spectator has left the space.
Isabelle Schad’s body language fascinates and impresses through its naturalness and simplicity, that makes it possible to live and understand the abstract as well. In the first part of the self-observation, glimpses of hesitation associate the insecurity inside this approach towards the self. Then the naked body is offered like a present with the help of a golden foil. In the last part she increases the ritual of hesitation through faster movements and phrases to determination, to train herself to become a conform self.
A precise and intense work. (...)

(26.10. 2001, Süddeutsche Zeitung)