technical rider (assisted solo version)

This version involves 3 performers and one multimedia artist who operates the sound.
This piece is performed in a classical frontal situation.
The light and video are operated from the stage.
The sound is operated from the audience.
Duration: 50 minutes.

1- Stage

The stage should be 12 m wide by 10 m deep minimum
A danceable wooden floor (very hard floors are not possible)
Very clean black marley on stage
Black box all around the stage / no wings
a table about 2 m by 1 m to set the technical equipment, which will be placed backstage left (but still onstage)
3 identical chairs

2- Lights

a computer light board allowing to program loops of linked memories
48 dimmers @ 2kw and 2 dimmers @ 5kw
2 fresnel 5 kw
28 pars 64 CP 62
6 fresnel or PC 2 kw
8 asymetrical floods 1 kw
10 profiles 1 kw ( Julliat 614 SX or Niethammer)
16 PC 1 kw
14 fresnel 1kw
A sortiment of lee filters (165, 174, 200, 201, 203, 205) to be precised

3- Sound

a 16/4/2 mixboard. Ideal setup: a digital Mixboard Yamaha 01V or 03D
Otherwise, the mixboard should have 3 groups and 2 aux sends Pre/Post fader commutable.
a multi-effects rack (eg. Yamaha SPX family) in case of analog board
2 PAs on front of the stage
Sub system either independent or filtered after the front PAs
2 PAs at the back of the audience
2 cd players (burned cd friendly !!!) ideally with Cue/Play Once functions
4- Video

a video screen 2,66 by 2,00 m, that will hang about 3 m from the floor in the left half of the stage (depth to be checked on the spot).
a video projector around 2000 aL (we can bring it when necessary)
a long enough cinch or BNC cable from beamer to tech on stage

5- Proposition of schedule / Crew required

The black marley and the black box should be prepared in advance

Day 1: build up light, sound, and video
focus light and video, eventually start to program lights
rehearsal on stage
3 light technician, 2 sound technicians, 2 technicians for stage and video
Day 2: finish program light
sound and light corrections
general rehearsal
performance 1 light + 1 sound technican during the day
1 standby technician during the performance
We can strike down our material in 2 hours after the last performance

Technical coordination

Bruno Pocheron

Sound setup

Olivier Heinry

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