Theme(s) of the work

This module/project examines the presentation and representation of the female body. Dealing with different woman images, the project explores the borders between public and private body & the private and public female. To begin this work requires the exploration of the classical notion of voyeurism in all of its perceptive visible qualities i.e., perceiving what is visible and seen as against that which is not seen and therefore blind to vision. We understand reception as receiving & something into ourselves likewise although differently we understand perception as perceiving something outward from ourselves, in that space in the crossover between these two fundamental states of inner/outer engagement where representation and ultimately identity are formed.

But before attending to the representational issues spaces, places and the female body we need to establish what we know about the relationships between representation, perception and reception and body and how they come to be defined in each and the "other". The work then for this module is to define the gap between the hidden and the seen scenes in the appearances of both the projected and real body(s) & female - interrogating along the way the imagined and the real, imagined and the identified, reality and identity. Focusing on a number of references and quotations from various media, film, photography and text, a series of serial patterns, looping systems, live actions and pre-recorded actions will be generated for their performative possibilities. In this way the performance will seek to identify with the absence of hidden body(s) and the appearances of the female(s) generating by forming a visual projection of the unseen female body towards developing an altogether "other" appearance and communication for an altogether "other" identity.

General approach to the work

quotidian/private situations and transcribing these patterns towards an articulated body language will engage the tools of real time composition. The vocabularies of video editing will be applied to the moving body creating strategies and rules such as loops, repetitions whilst progressively re-orientating passages of change in developing the choreographic language. The making of this performance is being approached as a moment in the visibility of something just glimpse and passed as a set of incomplete appearances, rather than the appearance of the completed product what has usually come to be ascribed to/on the female body. Created out of a series of loose associations rather than presenting elements to be combined, the performance will be given over to the space(s) of appearance where the body is understood, recognized and identified through accidents, coincidences, failures and imperfections, defects and flaws in their very moment of happening in the performance, in that way connecting to the present and the reality of body and female instantly processed and created in real time.