technical rider

Put Your Head Off is a performance around the question of an intimacy between performer and spectators.

It is conceived as a section looped every 30 to 40 min., each time for 8 spectators.

Each spectator is isolated in a cabin equiped with one chair, one microphone and one headphone, one little office lamp with switch.

The performer is also equiped with wireless headphone / mike set and performs on the opposite side of the room, in a limited area materialized by a "white box": one row of clean white dance floor, clean white back wall. This performance area is overlit, very exposed.

The 8 cabins can be build out of wood, or by a system of thick black curtains. Each cabin should be about 2 m deep by 1 m wide.

The spectators can enter the cabins from the back and it is important that there is a door or a curtain they can close behind them.

Except for the "white box", the rest of the room should be hung with black curtains, and the floor covered with black marley.

Put Your Head Off can fit in a room of minimum 12 m by 8 m. It is important that the distance between cabins and "white box" is big enough.

In one of the cabins a switch allows one of the spectators to choose between 4 different soundtracks.

The headphone/microphone system allows the spectators to communicate with each other and with the performer.

They all can see the performer, but cannot see each other. The performer can see all the spectators in their cabins.
material list

A- Sound

  • 8 voice microphones (SM 58 for instance) + cables
  • 8 stereo headphones + cables
  • 1 wireless microphone (headset that holds strong when then performer moves) + receiver
  • 4 CD players ( burned CD friendly !!!!)
  • headphones amplifier 8 channels out.
  • mixboard 9 mono in, 1 stereo in, 2 stereo out.
  • CD players, mixboard and amp have to be set either outside of the room or behind the cabins.

We bring a 6 channels AV switch and a wireless headphone + sender.

B- Light

  • 4 profiles 1 kw in 202
  • 4 asymetric floods in 201
  • a 6 channels @ 2 kw dimmer pack, with integrated faders (the light stays, no effects but it’s good to be able to dim).
  • 8 little office lamps with switch.
  • hanging points: one pipe in the middle of the room (on the whole width ) and one pipe as close as possible to the white back wall (on the whole width ).

The dimmer pack has to be set either outside of the room or behind the cabins.

C- Stage

  • 1 roll of very clean white marley at the size of the width of the room
  • white back wall
  • black marley on the rest of the floor
  • black curtains on the 3 other walls of the room
  • 8 identical chairs
  • 8 small boxes with foam inside to lay the audience microphones

Constuction of 8 cabins minimum 2 m deep by 1 m wide (in relation to the dimensions of the room). This construction can be made out of wood, or out of thick black curtains (in this case, we need an appropriate rigging).


Technical coordination

Bruno Pocheron