Frances d’Ath

Frances is a multidisciplinary choreographer, performer, designer, & writer.

She has choreographed, and had commissions and residencies in Australia; China; and Austria, Belgium, Switzerland in Europe. She has worked with Roméo Castellucci, Isabelle Schad, Dasniya Sommer, Cie. OFEN, Das Helmi, Theater HORA, Ivo Dimchev, Hans Van den Broeck/SOIT, Daniel Schlusser for Chamber Made Opera and Bell Shakespeare. She has had commissions from ADT Australian Dance Theatre, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, and Chunky Move. She was an ImPulsTanz DanceWEBer in 2003, returning several times to teach and perform, and trained as a dancer at Victorian College of the Arts, Australia.

When not working in theatre, Frances studies mediæval Germanic art, Chinese and Central Asian history, and human rights, with an emphasis on trans postcolonial women’s roles and representation. She lives in Berlin where she does cyclocross, and rock climbing. Frances blogs on, makes performance on, designs and codes on