Claudia Tomasi

Italian performer and choreographer living in Berlin.

Claudia Tomasi studied first independently dance and choreography in Berlin before exploring the Axis Syllabus method with Frey Faust for several years. 2007-2009 she moved to Lisbon to participate at PEPCC (Choreographic Creation Dance Research and Training Program). Since 2010, she has been living in Berlin again and completed her bachelor’s degree in dance, context, and choreography at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)in 2013. She works both on her own pieces and in collaboration with several visual artist such as Benjamin Tomasi, Ingrid Hora, Berty Skuber. As well as an interpreter for other choreographers such as Isabelle Schad, Shannon Cooney, Julian Weber, Johanne Timm, Ana Laura Lozza. Since 2014 she is working as an artistic assistant for Isabelle Schad. She is interested in the entanglement of culture and nature and the overlapping of the dimensions and perceptual perspectives of humans. The practice with each other are opening up fields of tensions, which she uses as dancer choreographer and artist. Since 2016, she studies visionary craniosacral work at the MilneInstitutes.