Emma Juliard

Light designer and artist living in Berlin.

Emma Juliard started in her early 20s to design light for dance pieces and happenings for the choreographer C. Carlson (2002-2010).
Next to this she started a close collaboration with the author and director C.Huysman (2001-2010) and the collective « Les hommes penchés », doing sound and light installations in gardens, theatre pieces and working on circus- theatre pieces. There she started to develop light especially for acrobats, in collaboration with young artists from the CNAC (french national circus school). In 2008 the collaboration with Alexis Forestier and André Robillard in « Tuer la misère » brings her also on stage.
In 2011, she was part of the Berlin collective B.o.B which created a sound/light/video Maschine for the project « Hamletmaschine » based on Heiner Müller’s work.
On the side she also participated in different projects as a translater for the photographer Sarah Mayer (2014) and 6 month in Ivory coast for the biologist Mona Bachman (2015).
Before co-founding the Blac Blob electronic workshops, she gave already electricity workshops for Women in Rumania and Berlin.
She is also collaborating in Berlin for different arists with the light designer Mehdi Toutain-Lopez, like for Isabelle Schad and Christina Cuipke.