Peter Böhm

Peter Böhm is a sound artist, composer and sound director.

Born in 1961 in Prague, he studied the violin at the Prague and Vienna conservatories, jazz theory, arrangement, electroacoustics and experimental music at the University of Music and the Conservatory in Vienna.
Since 1987 he has been a sound director for Klangforum Wien, one of the leading international ensembles for contemporary music. He designed and/or directed the sound for numerous contemporary operas composed by e.g. Bernhard Lang, Beat Furrer, Olga Neuwirth or Wolfgang Rihm, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati For eleven years he taught sound design as part of Bernhard Leitner’s design theory class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
He has developed ideas and software for live electronics and the movement of sound through space for solo, ensemble and musical theatre works - taking part in performances of many of these works at festivals worldwide. Since 1988 he has been responsible for recording, editing and mastering many award-winning CD and film projects.
As an acoustic planner and consultant for architectural acoustics, he has worked for Wolfgang Bürgler’s studio for the double bass player Uli Fussenegger and the Library and Learning Centre in Vienna, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.
His interactive sound installations and performances include works like ’Melting Plot’ by Gertrude Moser-Wagner 1986, ’Players Twilitezone’ at steirischer herbst 1997, ’Niveau - le son claire anologue’ 1997 in Echoraum Vienna and ACE-Gallery Los Angeles and the reconstruction of Bauhaus artist Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack’s ’Colour Light Plays’ in collaboration with Corinne Schweizer.
He worked as a sound designer and/or composer with performing artists like Xavier Le Roy in ’Le Sacre du printemps’, which had its premiere in 2007 in Lyon and has been seen at more than 50 theatres and festivals worldwide and with Eszter Salamon in ’Tales of the Bodiless’, premiered 2010 at Kaitheater Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels. He is responsible for the composition and sound design of ’Der Bau’ (nach Franz Kafka) by Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring.