As a contemporary dancer and performer based in Berlin, Naïma Ferré focuses on exploring the relationship between body and mind. Mostly through solo dance improvisation - largely influenced by the work of Rosalind Crisp, Naïma also pushes the limits of this exploration relying on her experience of modeling (for painters) - particularly in her organization of the "Carte blanche für das Modell" evenings - and looks for new spaces within this relationship through the whirling dance.

As a dancer she works with the choreographer Isabelle Schad for the pieces Volkstanzen Heute (2013), Collective Jumps (2014), Piece and Elements (2016) and Turning solo (2017). She develops a solo-research (2015) called Peau’rosität, coming out of her long practice as a life model.

She works in several performance-installation like Akt from Judith Hummel (Munich, 2013-16), Fluids from Alexandra Pirici (Berlin, 2015) and re-perfomed Luminosity from Marina Abramovic and Mirrorcheck from Joan Jonas in the frame of 12 Rooms (Festival Ruhr Triennale, Essen, 2012) and 14 Rooms (Art Basel, 2014).