Sonja Pregrad

Sonja Pregrad is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, organizer and collaborator of different kinds (dramaturgy, movement, production, writing, etc). She has studied at Codarts, SNDO, ArtEZ and acquired an MA in Solo / Dance / Authorship at Universität der Künste Berlin.

She has produced solo works and collaborations with Willy Prager, Nina Kurtela and lgor Koruga, Johanna Chemnitz, Marjana Krajač and others and performed at festivals across Europe. ln her work she is exploring complexities of shifting performative modes between dance / installation / theatre / lecture / performance art in order to create the dramaturgy of a parallel reciprocal tension within a position of self as a subject / object. Her work extends over re-inventing body based practices and re- appropriating performance formats, to cultural and political re-action.

As a performer she has worked with Meg Stuart, Isabelle Schad, Alexandre Achour, Frederic Gies, Boris Charmatz, Willy Dorner, Keren Levi and many others.

She is working between Berlin and Zagreb, teaching at SMASH program in Berlin, Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, Department for Animated Film and New Media, where she also co-runs an artistic organization Fourhanded/Cetveroruka. Since 2007 she is a co-organizer of lmprospekcije, an initiative/festival for improvisation in Zagreb, and co- creator of an interactive dance publication/project TASK.