Knotting is a Solo for Francesca d’Ath, performer and dancer, who has been working with me as artistic assistant over the last 10 years. Inspired by Francesca’s fluid movement qualities, which are large and spacious, elastic and extended, this portrait deals with the physical understanding of the knot. The work relates to Francesca’s current practice of off-road endurance cycling and other non-dance training practices, as well as to less current ones such as Japanese rope bondage (shibari and kinbaku), rock climbing, and archery.

A deep blue setting of an ongoing surface connects the vertical and horizontal plane creating a vertical connection between heaven and earth, between reality and dream. It lets parts of the body appear as if they were Cut Outs, referring to the work The Swimming Pool and other Cut Outs of H.Matisse showing sensuous women in fluid forms. The Cut Outs reflect both a renewed commitment to form and colour and an inventiveness directed to the status of the work of art, whether as a unique object, environment, ornament, or a hybrid of all of these.

Knotting is movement which never begins, never ends, ongoing and infinite, repetitive and ever lasting performed with highly physical engagement.

With Knotting, I continue my series of works which attempt to create distinct and personal portraits through a purely physical approach, moulding respective rhythms and energies into choreographed experiences.