3 Solos - On Healing:
FUR / Rotations / Knotting

The world’s current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic brought up many questions – personal and general ones – and is asking for new ways to move on, for new formats and frames within a diversity of restrictions and rules, in order to stay safe and healthy.

And it asks for more than that: it asks for healing, contemplation; it asks the question how to stay connected, connected to oneself and to each another, in general and specifically in a time where contact, physical proximity and closeness in the larger sense are constrained or forbidden.

Due to those restrictions, I have been working in 1:1 formats for the last couple of months. Practical conditions informed the artistic process. Through a daily practice of attention, care and listening to each other, distance got reversed to proximity: a close relationship to oneself and one another is being cared for.

The physical and energetic approach to the 3 new Solos which are part of my portrait series are therefore to be seen as a response to the current crises. They are meant to be a timeless process of diving into another world, a world of proximity and contemplation.

Each of those 3 Solos can simply stand by itself or they can be seen in combination / in resonance to one another. They can exist in diverse Settings and the frame could be altered in regards to a specific context. The Setting could be placed Open Air or in a Museum or other spaces that allow for distancing while being together, which in this period seems relevant inasmuch as audience distribution is concerned. Truthful to the way they were created and to the the idea of a “treat” or “gift” or “offering”, they could even be watched by one spectator at a time.