A Room full of Particles. A living Archive for Isabelle Schad

‘In pandemic times there is room for reflection: reflection on what is being done and why, what has already been created, and how the artistic work can be recorded, shared and made available to a wider audience,’ maintains Isabelle Schad, describing the multiple range of activities of revisiting and rearranging material from past works that has been keeping her busy during the heyday of the pandemic.
But is it possible to challenge the solitary act of reflection on the own artistic work by acknowledging its strong collective foundation?
A Room Full of Particles. A Living Archive for Isabelle Schad is a collection of traces resulting from an invitation, sent out to a wide range of people in the performing arts who in different roles, geographies and temporalities have contributed to and enriched the work of Schad in recent years.

The digital publication can be downloaded here.