Isabelle Schad

German choreographer and performer living in Berlin. Co-initiator of Good Work, Praticable and the working space Wiesenburg-Halle. Zen-Shiatsu Practitioner.

Portrait on Tanzforum:

Irmela Kästner for Tanzplattform2016:

Isabelle Schad dances. Sometimes her dancing excites, then it amazes with constantly changing shapes and figures.
Forms emerge from its dynamic, and vice versa. It seems paradoxical at first but, by hiding her body under panels of fabric, she makes inner processes visible on the outside, as in her solo series Der Bau.
Even when her dance crosses into the visual arts territory, it nevertheless relies on the principles of choreography, which she understands as a craft. She is a meticulous researcher who follows the practice of Body Mind Centering® down to the innermost cells of her body. Her approach is highly musically motivated, exploring momentum, rhythm and joy in movement. She enlists the help of artists that inspire her – Laurent Goldring for visual expression, Alain Franco for music – to open up new dimensions within her dance. She herself has studied Far Eastern martial arts and Tao philosophy for several years, as a way to achieve transformation and growth. This requires untiring training, as she impressively showed in her latest solo Fugen. Isabelle Schad’s dance career started with ballet. Today she uses ensemble work and groups – she speaks of “group bodies” – in a sharing process, which allows space for the individual and links the political and spiritual in a unique and apposite way.

Biographical Information - very short:

Dancer and Choreographer Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart and worked with many choreographers until she started developing her own projects from 1999 on. Her research focuses on the body and its materiality, the body as process, place and space, the relationship between body, choreography, (re)presentation, form and experience, body practice as site for learning processes, community and political involvement. Her projects work at the interface of dance, performance and visual arts being featured internationally (world wide collaborations with local Goethe Institutes, international festivals, German Dance Platforms etc). She co-founded several projects/open collectives (Good Work, Praticable), that search for ways of linking different practices and researches whilst questioning the modes of production. She teaches all over the world and in different formats. She is co-organizer of the working space „Wiesenburg-Halle“ in Berlin, Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and practices Aikido on a daily basis.

Biographical information - In short:

choreographer and dancer/performer, lives in Berlin, works in many places, co-organizes a working space at ’Wiesenburg’ in Berlin-Wedding. Main areas of research: The body and its materiality, body as process, place and space, origins of movement deriving from the body and its (embryological) developments, relations between body, movement, choreography, image, (re)presentation, form and experience, somatic practices like Body-Mind-Centering, practice as site for learning process, community (implied in the practice), political engagement. 
Co-initiates Good Work and Praticable that explore different ways of working together, questioning modes of production. Her current series of group pieces Musik (Praticable) that she has started in Zagreb and in Berlin, is comparing musical terminology and concepts with physiology, choreographic writing and compositional elements in dance; and Experience#1-#X considers the group as a body and as an organism dealing with the topic of The Fold. Since 2008, she has been working on a series of pieces titled Unturtled with Laurent Goldring, in which they reverse the relationship between image and body and a new work Der Bau that explores space as being generated by the body itself :as another organ.
Her teaching is based on the areas of research mentioned above, takes different shapes such as open practice sessions, workshops or short period projects that take place worldwide.

some more biographical information:
Isabelle Schad studied classical dance from 1981-90 in Stuttgart. From 1990-96, she danced in various classical companies. Since then, she began creating her first own choreographies and extending her dance education through diverse workshops and scholarships (e.g. dance-web vienna amongst many others). She was member of Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus in Brussels and has worked with / danced for a.o. Olga Mesa, Angela Guerreiro, Felix Ruckert, Eszter Salamon.
Since 1999, she has developed numerous own projects and danse performances in close collaboration with choreographers, performers, musicians and visual artists, which have been presented internationally in theatres, alternative places, galleries or festivals such as Tanz im August Berlin, Internationale Tanzwochen Wien or Dashanzi International Arts Festival Beijing a.o..
She received several nominations and prizes, most recent in Tanz 2015 hope of the year in section choreography.
She has been co-conceiving the Good Work-Project and works together with Ben Anderson and Bruno Pocheron on the realisation of several projects of this series, a.o. with Benoit Lachambre, Martin Belanger, Nuno Bizarro, Manuel Pelmus, Frédéric Gies, Hanna Hedman, which are as well presented internationally.
The pieces California Roll and Still Lives - a community project that has been realised in more than 12 european cities - have been presented at Tanzplattform Germany 2006 and 2008. The community project TÜDDELDÜDDEL-LÜD has been presented at Tanzkongress 2009 in Hamburg.
Since 2003, she has been Artist-In-Residence at Podewil / TanzWerkstatt Berlin and at de Monty in Antwerp and in many other international places. Since the last years, she is associated / regularly showing her work at Hebbel-Am-Ufer Berlin.
In 2006, she has been working on a project in collaboration with Germana Civera and Laurent Goldring, which premiered in the Festival of Montpellier Danse 2006 and on a solo project for and with Dalija Acin, that premiered at the Bitef Theatre in Belgrade and got presented a.o. at the Balkan Dance Plattform 2007 in Athens.
In 2007, she directed the mentoring project at Tanztage Berlin. She initiates the project Praticable together with Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, Frédéric Gies und Odile Seitz in which frame she creates several pieces like Ohne Worte (Praticable), Intervall (Praticable), Music (Praticable).
Since 2008, she is developing an ongoing project entitled Unturtled in collaboration with visual artist Laurent Goldring, followed by the solo Der Bau (2012) and the group work Collective Jumps (2014), which were both invited to the German Tanzplattform (2014 in Hamburg and 2016 in Frankfurt).

She is teaching in Berlin at the MAC and BA / HZT Berlin and internationally in the frame of workshops or short period projects mostly supported by local Goethe Institutes. She is actively engaging in the free dance scenes of many Balkan cities / countries (Zagreb, Sofia, Skopje, Bucharest, Belgrade a.o.).

In her work she is exploring relationships between the body, its languages and representations. She focuses on working methods that priviledge exchange, the sharing of ideas, practices and knowledge as a tool for circulation, for continuity in learning and cooperation with other artists.


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