technical rider

minimum depth 10m
minimum width 8m

Black wooden floor or black marley.

All light pipes must be hidden by black borders, no lamps visible from the audience.
When the walls are not clean black painted, black side curtains (no wings) will be needed.

Voices of the performers and gong. As we don’t use any amplification, the space has to have good acoustics. To hang the gong, we need a black "portique" minimum 2m high by 1m wide.

See light plot attached.
Minimum material required:
- 21 PC 1kw with barndoors / 9 in lee 202 + R119, 6 in lee 202 + R119, 6 in lee 249 + R119, 9 stripes of frost R101 / 21 channels.
- 22 profiles 1kw / 11 in lee 202 + R119, 11 in lee 249 + R119 / 22 channels.
- audience light on the lightboard.

Set up: minimum one day set-up and rehearsal, performance the next day.

Contact: Bruno Pocheron / +49 176 223 71 565 /