In the line of conceptual dance and, on the other hand, the issues of culture and gender studies, the work raises, from general female point of view, well-known questions on contemporary identities and mechanisms of construction of human body/bodies; here all the mechanisms are internalized in the very choreography: dance, movement and dialogue between choreographers. (Ana Vujanović, selector of Showcase in Bitef Festival 2006)

’This piece is born from a dialogue between the choreographers Dalija Acin from Belgrade and Isabelle Schad from Berlin.
In a series of recorded conversations they have been discussing the topics of the representations of the body, different notions of identity, the versatility of the parameters of beauty, the interplays between absence and presence, the expectations of the spectator.
Dealing with the notion of self-representation, ’There is no exception to the rule because I am never what I have’ seeks for the fluidity of the performer’s presence. It reflects on the frame of the theatre stage as a place of expectations and desires, and aims to question habits in perceiving both this presence and that frame.’ (From the program text in Belgrade)