Cie Isabelle Schad is based in Berlin Germany and involved in making dance-performances through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Good Work has been initiated by Isabelle Schad, Bruno Pocheron and Ben Anderson in 2003.

It is an international experimental performance project concerned with the presentation, representation and perception of the body on-stage as well as its status and exposure in society. Good Work starts by forming a collaborative research in ideas, then develops and spreads these towards the realisation of a series of public performances in Europe and in Canada.

For this, Good Work seeks to create a platform to allow diverse exchanges and experiences within a pool of performance artists coming from different backgrounds and cultures who are connected by their individual investigation on the performative body.
The shape of Good Work is formed through a series of collaborations each involving one or more of the initiators of Good Work and one or more performance artists of the formed network. The performances resulting from the working process are presented either independently or as a cognitive series of works built on the following themes:

- Peripheral Vision / Frontal Image - Can the world be contained in framed images?
- Discipline / Authority - How far do images format reality and ourselves?
- Thinking body / Represented Body - How does the body exist beyond its representation?
- Identity / Quotation - Can the performing body move freely between the private and the public?
- Audience / Stage - What kind of public space can be created in the duration of the performance?

This network involves at the present moment the following artists (in alphabethical order): Ben Anderson (Australia / Berlin), Martin Bélanger (Canada, Montreal), Nuno Bizarro (Portugual / Paris), Thomas Charbonnel (France), Frederic Gies (France / Berlin), Hanna Hedman (Sweden / Paris), Benoît Lachambre (Canada, Montreal), Bruno Pocheron (France / Berlin), Manuel Pelmus (Bucarest, Rumania), Isabelle Schad (Germany, Berlin), Rut Waldeyer (Germany, Berlin), Wassili Zygouris (Greece / Berlin), all of them working internationally with their own projects in the fields of choreography, performance arts, visual arts, sound, spatial design or production management.

Each performance produced in the frame of Good Work is approached as a collegial concept development involving several collaborators. This work on concept and related ideas takes in account all the different elements that will constitute the performance (choregraphic material, spatial, visual and sound design etc...). The actual realization of these elements is then shared between the artists involved in relation to their specific fields of research and practices.

Good Work proposes, through its horizontal working structure, an open circulation of ideas, knowledge and information, body practices and choreographic writings. It aims to explore and promote non-hierarchical working methods that fit to the reality of contemporary performance-making where many different research fields such as cultural theories, digital technologies or body practices are closely interacting and influencing each other. It also aims to define an ideological line for making work in a collaborative process.

Good Work is thought as a tool to communicate this ideology (that is close to the "open source" approach existing in software development) to the public and the cultural and institutional interlocutors. Therefore each work produced within Good Work is co-signed by all the artists who have been developing the ideas and sharing the tasks towards its realization, without establishing any hierarchy between them or their practices.

5 works have been realised in the frame of Good Work since the beginning of the project:
- California Roll / CR Installation
- White Trash
- Revolver
- Leistung
- Still Lives / SL Installation