Communicare in Lima

COMMUNICARE / Alemania-Francia-Perú
Una cooperación del Goethe-Institut Lima y la Alianza Francesa Lima
Taller y Performance
11.12.2010 20:00 horas (Arequipa) 16. 17. y 18.12.2010 - 20:00 horas (Lima)
Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano Calle Melgar 109 - Cercado Arequipa; Alianza Francesa Av. Arequipa 4595 Miraflores – Lima
+51 1 4333180

En diciembre 2010 se juntan Isabelle Schad (Alemania), Bruno Pocheron (Francia) y Mirella Carbone (Perú) para realizar en un taller con bailarines peruanos un “community project”.
La danza ha sido desde siempre muy importante para los peruanos. Y aunque en el caso de la danza contemporánea, esta todavía es muy joven y fragmentada, ya se destaca por su creatividad y su entusiasmo por lo social. El proyecto de danza alemán-francés-peruano quiere trabajar sobre esta base y abrir espacios de diálogo para el encuentro.

Para realizar su proyecto en el Perú Schad, Pocheron y Carbone han propuesto por eso “Communicare”; un proyecto comunitario que convoca bailarines para trabajar de manera creativa y descubrir a través de los medios de la danza nuevas relaciones entre el cuerpo, sus sistemas corporales y la comunicación. El proyecto consiste en un taller y cuatro funciones, tres en Lima y una en Arequipa. Durante todo el tiempo los bailarines trabajarán con métodos que buscan activar el intercambio y enfocan la colaboración con otros artistas. Las presentaciones tendrán lugar en Lima en tres fechas, en el teatro de la Alianza Francesa. La presentación en Arequipa, será en el teatro del Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, en cooperación con el Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán de esa ciudad.

Isabelle Schad es bailarina y coreógrafa alemana y fundó en el 2003, junto con el artista de performance y diseñador de sonidos y luces Bruno Pocheron y Ben Anderson la famosa plataforma berlinesa Good Work.
Mirella Carbone es una de las más conocidas bailarinas y coreógrafas peruanas. En su función como directora y fundadora de la Escuela de Danza Contemporánea de la Pontificia Universidad Católica Perú constantemente ha dado nuevos impulsos a la danza contemporánea en el Perú.

“Communicare” es un proyecto del Goethe-Institut Lima y de la Alianza Francesa Lima en el marco de los eventos de EUNIC-Perú. Socios cooperantes son en Arequipa el Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán (ICPA) y la Alianza Francesa.

com: Amelia Sandoval, Amelia Uzategui, Ana Cecilia Chung, Anai Mujica, Carla Coronado, Cecilia de la Puente, Emilia Mendoza, Jennifer Parra, José Aviles, Leslie Arribasplata, Lorna Ortiz, Marissa Cubas, Mayra Valcárcel, Moyra Silva, Renzo Zavaleta, Sandra Bajac, Silvia Agreda, Sofia Rebata, Tatiana Vizcarra, Vannia Ibargüen.


Teatro de la Alianza Francesa de Miraflores:
Jueves 16, viernes 17 y sábado 18 de diciembre, a las 20:00 horas

Entradas a la venta en la boletería del Teatro

Teatro del Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano:
Sábado 11 de diciembre, a las 20:00 horas
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Published 5 December 2010

Studio visit 17.12 at 2pm

We are offering an informal studio visit 17th December at 2pm around the work on the score of Solo for Lea with Josephine Findeisen. If you would like to book a visit, please contact Isabelle at is[at]
It would be nice to see you there!

pic. by Isabelle Schad
all rights reserved

Published 15 December 2021

6.-9.12.2021 First research week at HfMDK in Frankfurt

Great pleasure working together for the Biennale Project in Stuttgart

pic by Isabelle Schad
all rights reserved

Published 13 December 2021

Trailer of Sommerfest.ival 2021 OUT NOW

We are pleased to have published today the trailer of the sommerfestival 2021.
Enjoy a touch of summer in the cold winter!
Thanks again to all those who participated.

Have a look by clicking here

Published 13 December 2021

25 NOV. : Reflection in Ljubljana for CoFestival 2021

Thrilled to go on stage again with this group piece after two years.
In the program of the festival the work is beautifully announced:

The website of choreographer Isabelle Schad, who was honoured for her outstanding artistic development in contemporary dance
as part of the German Dance Award in 2019, introduces her work by saying that it focuses on the materiality and processuality of the
body and on its possibility to be experienced. At exactly this intersection, she deals with the relationship between body, choreography and (re)presentation and issues of community building and political engagement. This programme note could hardly summarise more accurately the artistic commitment of this choreographer, who has stripped contemporary dance of its stylistic, formal, compositional and figurative clutter, and theatre dance of its identity specificities, so that bodies do not encounter themselves or others in anything but their very material and human potentiality. Isabelle Schad no longer needs any of the established social rituals, configurations, manners and patterns (of behaviour) that Pina Bausch had delightfully and humorously brutalised in her choreographies. In her trilogy on collective bodies, which she began with the work Collective Jumps (hosted at CoFestival in 2016) and concluded with her performance Reflection, the choreographer is not concerned with the dismantling of social compositions or ideological body trainings, but with the potentiality of
human presences (with the archive of the unrealized), which can only emerge in the form of critical modalities of action when bodies arrive to themselves. Once they enter the realm of difference, into the condition of what they can only become. Perhaps this is why we are so struck by the performances of Isabelle Schad, because, if only for a brief moment, as in Reflection, time is reversed and human bodies are given some perspective, we are suddenly struck by how rare it is to see people in dance performances without the choreographies showing (representing) them. People, with the fragile and unstable fullness of their bodies. When this happens, the political character of dance becomes more apparent, which has to give up (self-)performance in order to find its way to another body.

More Info:

Published 23 November 2021

Isabelle Schad on Instagram

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Published 9 November 2021

12-13 Nov: FUR and TURNING SOLO 2 at the Potsdamer Tanztagen 2021

This upcoming weekend, join us at Fabrik Potsdam, just one hour outside of Berlin. In the frame of the festival Potsdamer Tanztagen we will show FUR and Turning Solo 2, two recent works that invite the audience to a timeless experience of closeness and contemplation.

Click here for further Info and tickets.

Published 9 November 2021