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Premiere: Sa 21. Juli > 20.30 Uhr
Do 26., Fr 27. & Sa 28. Juli > 20.30Uhr
Sa 25. August > 13 Uhr (Tanznacht Berlin)

photo by Kailai Chen

’A labyrinth is said, etymologically, to be multiple because it contains many folds. The multiple is not only what has many parts but also what is folded in many ways’, writes Gilles Deleuze in his book ’The Fold’.
In her new choreographic group piece Experience #1, Isabelle Schad takes on reflections around the idea of the fold, investigates the form of becoming in its manifold transformations. Each presentation is its own (and new) manifestation of their materials, their scores and research between form and becoming, sensuality and structure, excitement and abstraction, embryology and choreography, sound and nature, nature and culture, self and non-self, pleasure and dance.

Badstr. 41a , 13357 Berlin-Wedding
U8 Pankstraße, U9 Nauener Platz!, S-Bahn Gesundbrunnen
Infos & Tickets (außer / except for Aug 25 / Tanznacht):
Tickets 13 EUR / 8 EUR (ermäßigt / reduced),
Info & Reservierung:, T: +49 (0)30 233 65 715

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Published 23 July 2012