Mi 25. Juli ab/ from on 19.30 Uhr

Performance Evening on folds, baroque curves, J.S. Bach and the musical body with a lecture-concert by Alain Franco - and much else

Articulations is an evening, where different creation processes and different creation places cross-over and meet. In the form of live-excerpts, the group pieces „Glazba (Praticable)“ (Zagreb 2010) and „Musik (Praticable)“ (Berlin 2011) are brought into a discursive dialogue, cross paths with a new present and the production Experience#1, that has been created a.o. with the performers from the 2 former pieces. Different times, different groups and different research topics fold over another, yet describe a continuous process that has its own coherence and logic.

The artists involved look at creative, human, (in)organic, cultural or musical processes as an interwoven texture, considering their visibilties, forms and representations and bring them into the spaces of Uferstudios which become the place where materials are brought into movement. Those movements become a movement of exchange with the spectator : conceptually, bodily, musically, vividly.

This special evening begins 19:30h with a lecture-concert by and with Alain Franco followed by a conversation with the public. Ca. 20:30h there will be a discursive Performance Dialogue with Live-Excerpts from „Glazba (Praticable)“ (Zagreb 2010), „Musik (Praticable)“ (Berlin 2011) and Experience#1.

Badstr. 41a , 13357 Berlin-Wedding
U8 Pankstraße, U9 Nauener Platz!, S-Bahn Gesundbrunnen
Infos & Tickets (außer / except for Aug 25 / Tanznacht):
Tickets 13 EUR / 8 EUR (ermäßigt / reduced),
Info & Reservierung:, T: +49 (0)30 233 65 715

See online : uferstudios

Published 23 July 2012