Porto: Serralves em Festa!!

08th June 2013 21:30
09th June 2013 17:00 & 21:30

Serralves em festa 2013, Auditorio, Rua D. João de Castro, 210, Porto, Portugal

Concept and choreography: Isabelle Schad

Co-Choreography, Performance: Sarah Menger, Jorge Gonçalves, Inna Krasnoper, Roni Katz, Eduard Mont de Palol, Lola Rubio, Nils Uber, Nino Bokan, Maja Marjancic, Carlos Maria Romero, Vera Santos, Cristina Leitão, Joana von Mayer Trindade, Isabel Costa, Anabela Sousa, Beatriz Godinho, Joclécio Azevedo, Guilherme Ferreira, Teresa Prima, Mariana Amorim
artistic collaboration: Alain Franco
lights, stage: Mehdi Toutain-Lopez
sound, technical realization: Martin Pilz

A labyrinth is said, etymologically, to be multiple because it contains many folds. The multiple is not only what has many parts but also what is folded in many ways’, writes Gilles Deleuze in his book ’The Fold’.

In her choreographic group piece Experience #1, Isabelle Schad takes on reflections around the idea of the fold, investigates the form of becoming in its manifold transformations. Together with 20 performers from 8 countries, including 10 local performers from Porto, she explores the relationships between embryological developments, its movement pathways, directions, folding patterns and its time-spatial proportions. Embryology is a study of relationships within a process. In continuous flow and in constant evolution, movement patterns repeat themselves in its variability and difference till cellular organizations become an organ. In the group of Experience #1 each person is part of the whole - of the collective body and work - and in the same time subject of her/his own movement experience ; a social body that allows for subjectivity. The comparison between forms of becoming and forms of organization in society becomes a consequence.

See online : serralves em festa

Published 16 June 2013