@ Uferstudios Berlin, 21.-23.August 2013, 17h


In Kafkas unvollendeter Erzählung Der Bau wird ein Tierbau beschrieben, der aus dem Körper selbst heraus geschaffen ist und immer noch zu ihm gehört – seine Formen, Spuren, Gerüche, Ausscheidungen und Reserven, Hoffnungen und Verzweiflungen in sich tragend. Sie dient uns als titelgebende Metapher und Ausgangsbasis für die weitere Erforschung der besonderen Beziehung zwischen Körper und Raum, die wir mit der Stückreihe Unturtled seit 2008 begonnen haben.

In Unturtled #1-4 wird das Kostüm zum Übergangsobjekt, einer Prothese (die letzte nicht vorhandene Schicht des Körpers) und zur ersten einhüllenden Schicht des äußeren Raumes zugleich. Die Betrachtung des Kostüms als Organ ermöglichte uns die Untersuchung des Körpers und seines Um-Raumes, den er aus sich selbst heraus generiert: als eine Bühne und als ein Bühnenbild.

Während des Arbeitsprozesses an Der Bau wurde klar, dass der Raum selbst als ein Organ und als Extension des Körpers anzusehen ist. Zum Verständnis dieser Idee hilft uns die Ansicht Rilkes über den Bildhauer Rodin, wonach dieser nicht den Körper zur Skulptur formt, sondern die Räume um die Körper herum.

Aus großen Stoffbahnen schaffen wir einen planen und flüssigen Raum: Die Stoffe als äußere Schichten (Gewebe) werden wie innere Schichten (Gewebe) behandelt, und sie reagieren überraschend lebendig, zugleich als Körperteil, als Hülle und als Partner.

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Published 14 August 2013

SODA Intensive @ HZT Berlin

Between 25 and 29th of January 2021, I have had the pleasure to teach at SODA, HZT in Berlin Uferstudios. It has been an intense, rich and wonderful experience...

What is universal in as much as movement, self awareness, togetherness, empathy, community are concerned? What links us beyond background, culture, nationality, gender, aesthetics ?
Understanding your own compositional strategies for making work can be seen as a way to formalise / analyse your choreographic practices. In this context I would like to share my own personal approach to body work, choreographic practices and how they relate to warm-ups, to material that is lived, formed and organised for and within you / others. My practices will then mingle, intervene with those coming from you and your own experiences.
We will do warm-ups / trainings together, which will introduce into different types of movement techniques around the energetic body, using principles deriving from Aikido, acupressure (Zen-Shiatsu), breathing techniques (Qi-gong and its relating theories); as well as other somatic practices such as Body-Mind Centering. The questions at stake are concerned with the notion of form and being. And what ‘in-forms’ a form - and the self: We are dealing with inner-outer relationships, the relation to oneself, and - as we are taking the opportunity to train in a group - also the relation of oneself to one another.

pic:I.Schad. all rights reserved.

Published 1 February

Harvest - research at Wiesenburg

This January 2021, we have started the research around the new work for kids from 3 years on: Harvest - at Wiesenburg.
Together with Jan Loris, Aya Toraiwa, Manuel Lindner and Emma Juliard, I have spent 3 intense weeks of working with the branches from our own harvest at Wiesenburg.

pic: I.Schad. all rights reserved.

Published 31 January

Embryology as Choreography

I have just been asked to write an essay about my artistic practices for the Magazine of the Muzeum Susch, which will be published soon, when I have taken the opportunity to revisit an older text of mine from 2013 entitled ’Embryology as Choreography’.
It has been a good moment for me to realise, which aspects are still present in my today’s approach, and at which point they have changed.
You will notice once the new essay will be published and I will be happy to share it with you.
But here comes the one from 2013.

PDF - 114.4 kb

The text ‘Embryology as Choreography’ first appeared in: Brandstetter, Gabriele; Klein, Gabriele; Foster, Susan Leigh; Haller, Melanie; and Luken, Heike (ed), Dance [And] Theory (2013)

Published 23 January

Turning Solo @ Humboldthain

On 28th and 29th November 2020, together with Jasmin İhraç, we have experimented with an Open Air Version of the Turning Solo in public space. We have installed the work as an ongoing meditation practice allowing for witnessing Jasmin spinning when passing by. Everyone who has been enjoying the Humboldthain at this day and at this time of the day could discover a personal practice of spinning and sculpting time....
It has been an enriching experience for all of us.

pic: I.Schad. all rights reserved.

Published 23 January

I give you violence, sensuality and care

A text written on the occasion of our guest performances in Zagreb in 2017, first published on this website got finally translated into English. We are happy to use the opportunity and share this text with you!!!

PDF - 89.4 kb

translation by Mirna Herman Baletić

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Published 22 January

OPS @ Humboldthain

OPS has started to adapt to the current circumstances of the Pandemie:
Practice outside at Humboldthain:
This is a short message, letting you know that I ll do some movement practice, Qi Gong and training with the Jo (wooden Stick, coming from the Aikido practice) almost every day 10-11:30 from now on. If you are interested in joining, please send me a message before and we can check the details then. Isabelle

Published 3 January