Premiere at HAU3 in Berlin

I m very happy to invite you to the premiere of my new solo work.....

Thursday, 29.10. 2015, 20:00, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)

further performances:
30. + 31.10. + 01.11. 2015, 20:00
audience talk after the performance on Friday 30.10. with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Foellmer, Isabelle Schad and Sasa Bozic

With Fugues, Berlin choreographer and dancer Isabelle Schad continues her work between musical concepts and their expression in movement. Coming from a music background, she attempts to look at her own (hi)story and the origins of (her) movement between discipline and pleasure, examining the body and its energies in its materiality, process, and time.
The fugue serves her as an analogy for the body in exercise, where the principles of chasing and fleeing, giving and receiving, emptiness and fullness, are becoming one.
Fugues is an autobiographical work in which the performer’s body serves as an example for the construction of the individual within disciplines and systems one cannot escape from.

picture by L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

See online : Hebbel-am-Ufer

Published 18 October 2015