Workshops in Vientiane (Laos), Bangkok und Chonburi (Thailand)

I am having the pleasure to share my practice with local artists, giving workshop in Vientiane, Bangkok and Chonburi.

’This workshop will be led as a ‘warm-up practice session’. It links knowledge around our embryological development with very archaic principles of movement and energy taught in eastern practices (Aikido, Qi-Gong, Shiatsu). The relationships between how we become who we are (our form, body systems, the person, the unity of mind and body, the inner and outer sea of Qi…) and eastern practices has been fascinating me recently, continuously discovering new ones in the course of my Shiatsu Practitioner Education and my Aikido Training.
The practice will be both, a gentle warm-up for being ‘together’ for the day, with breathe, flow and clarity, and an adventure into movement, group organizations, small choreographic sketches deriving from this starting point.

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Published 20 November 2015