in Chonburi

21 November 2015, 7.00 p.m.
MUPA Burapha University Chonburi, 169 Long Had Bangsaen Rd, Chon Buri , 20131 Thailand

“How are the formulation of our sensations, the study of the physical and anatomical systems offering new territories in research to dancers? One possible answer could be found in the piece An Un-Folding Process (excerpts from Unturtled till Der Bau) by Isabelle Schad, in which the enormous fabrics and a costume conceived together with visual artist Laurent Goldring become a new internal space of the body, a gigantic imaginary skin. The body envelopes and incorporates. The dance is born from the integration of the spaces between skin and tissues.
The dances are punctuated with lectures. Isabelle Schad is exposing her notes of work and her thoughts and includes the spectator in this immense matrix. The work is as much visual as knowing; the sensation of making oneself part of a strange organ invites the spectator to see the piece from the inside. And this is where all the beauty of the work operates in the surprising cross-over between Franz Kafka and the american avant-garde of dance.” Stéphanie Auberville

See online : Unfolding Kafka Festival

Published 20 November 2015