Workshop in Casablanca and Conférence Dansée in Rabat

I have had the pleasure to share my work in Marokko on different levels in the frame of „TEMPS FORT“.
I was giving a workshop for young dancers and creators in Espace Darja, Casablanca as part of the project «Al...Projet Labo», following an invitation by Meryem Jazouli.

foto: Dieter Hartwig
2.- 6. february 2016
Espace Darja
113, avenue Mers Sultan, 6ème étage.
20120 Casablanca

On the 5th of february 2016 I have been giving a lecture performance around my life and work at Goethe Institut in Rabat.

See online : Goethe Institut Marokko

Published 7 February 2016