local versions in Moskau

Laurent and I are working with a group of local performers and present the work in 2 different versions.

We are also giving each a conference around each of our body of works:
28 Мая в 16.00 хореограф Isabelle Schad (Берлин) и художник Laurent Goldring (Париж) проведут открытую лекцию: «Практика формы и движения — Practices of form and movement».
Isabelle will talk about her experiences in different body practices (from ballet over contemporary dance, BMC and asian practices) as a pathway of learning processes, and how these practices informed her about form and movement and its relationships towards representation.
Laurent Goldring will give a lecture on signs and images, in relation to his films,
installations and stage pieces.

image by L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

The performance version will be presented at Week-end off the 29th of may, and the durational installation version will be presented at the museum Garage the 3rd of june.

See online : Garage

Published 29 May 2016