local version @ La Biennale di Venezia

23.6. 2016 at 18h and 24.6. 2016 at 12 noon
Museo di Palazzo Grimani

Isabelle Schad / Laurent Goldring

Collective Jumps, installation version
with the dancers: Silvia Baronio, Erica Kanäle, Nicole Chirici, Justine Copette, Francesca Formisano, Elisa Frasson, Claire Leske, Isabella Piazzolla, Aurora Pica, Michela Rosa, Deva Schubert, Catherine Squillacioti, Marjolaine Uscotti and Claudia Tomasi.

image: L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

Collective Jumps addresses the topics of collectivity and resistance, investigating the possible relationships between freedom and form with a group of performers. Can the creation of an infinite, unified, monstrous body possibly become a site of resistance?

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Published 23 June 2016