Showings at Wiesenburg

Showings: Wiesenburg-Halle, Berlin Wedding, 6. and 7.8.2016 19 Uhr
Isabelle Schad: Concept and Choreography
Lea Moro: Performance
Damir Šimunović: Sound
Bruno Pocheron: Lightdesign and Technic
Saša Božić: Dramaturgical Advice
Charlotte Pistorius: Costume
Heiko Schramm: Production

Solo for Lea is a meeting between Isabelle Schad and Lea Moro. In continuation of Schad’s choreographic practice around relationships between body, movement, image and (re)presentation, the work attempts to draw a very personal portrait of Lea Moro, dealing with the specificities of her body, its rhythms, its contours, colours and energies. Dissected in parts and reorganised anew, the body is regarded as pure materiality, as a medium of energetic potential and transformation.
The new work unfolds itself in the borderline between visual arts and dance, between performance and installation, between sensual experience and abstraction and plays with form-aspects of cubism and Picasso’s drawings in one dash.
Together Schad and Moro engage in constellations of forming and disfiguring, in which the body itself becomes the stage: the space, place and matter that is the subject of observation.
Foto: I.Schad, all rights reserved.

See online : Wiesenburg-Halle

Published 27 July 2016