@ KRT festival Krakow

18:30 / 6:30 p.m
TEATR ŁAŹNIA NOWA os. Szkolne 25

This year, “Der Bau” was invited to the Venice Biennale. The most prestigious dance platform in Germany, TanzPlatform Germany 2016, described “Der Bau” in the following words: “A hypnotic flow of perpetually overlapping images and rhythmic variations…allows evernew choreographic landscapes to emerge.” koncept, choreografia/concept and choreography by: Isabelle Schad, Laurent Goldring, muzyka, reżyseria dźwięku/music and sound direction by: Peter Böhm, reżyseria światła/light design by: Mehdi Toutain-Lopez
pic: L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

See online : KRT

Published 8 October 2016