Premiere @ sophiensaele Berlin

’Together Schad and Moro engage in constellations of forming and dis-figuring, in which the body itself becomes the stage: the space, place and matter that is subject of observation.’

13, 14, 15 OCTOBER at
21:00 UHR

18:00 UHR

@ sophiensaele Berlin.

concept, choreographie: Isabelle Schad
co-choreography, performance: Lea Moro
dramaturgical support: Saša Božić
sound: Damir Šimunović
light design: Bruno Pocheron
technic: Bruno Pocheron, Mehdi Toutain-Lopez
costume: Charlotte Pistorius
production management: Heiko Schramm

Made possible by a long years collaboration with Laurent Goldring.

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved

See online : Sophiensäle

Published 12 October 2016