Workshops in Hanoi and Jakarta

Pleasurable sharings in the frame of workshops I am giving in Hanoi and Jakarta:


The workshop deals with principles of movement and energy that are based on various Asian techniques such as aikido, sword and stick training, shiatsu, stretching and breathing techniques (meridian stretching, qi gong, qi concepts) as well as somatic practices such as body-mind centering, and that are adapted to the individual needs of the participants.
The objective for the participants is to find a fluid and holistic way of accessing their own body, the body-mind entity – your self – with a view to strengthening their personality and achieving the ability to express themselves fully in movement and presence. This mindfulness and ability to access yourself is the key to accessing your partner, your group and the world.
The experiences from these warm-up exercises and techniques are subsequently interwoven with Schad’s choreographic practice: workshop participants will be developing sketches and elements that will form part of Schad’s research for a new kind of group work, or will be used in their own right. In this context, they will be exploring the concept of subjectivity within a collectively moved body. This collective body can only function as a whole entity; at the same time, it should be seen as a space for transformation and as the observed result.

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Published 23 September 2017