ChoreoLab in Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia

I have been invited to lead through this year’s ChoreoLab in Malaysia. Rimbun Dahan - where we have been staying and working - is a most beautiful place and our shared experiences have been deep and rich, thank you all for this !!!

SOUTHEAST ASIAN CHOREOLAB 2018 OPEN SHOWING Thirteen choreographers from Southeast Asia will share the results of choreographic exercises and elements of their experience from the 9-day Choreolab at Rimbun Dahan, facilitated by German choreographer Isabelle Schad with assistance from Claudia Tomasi.
3pm Sunday 1 July, Rimbun Dahan, Km 27 Jalan Kuang, Kuang, Selangor
The Southeast Asian Choreolab is a project by Rimbun Dahan, in partnership with MyDance Alliance and World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific, supported by Goethe-Institut Malaysia.
++ Nguyen Thanh Chung (Vietnam)++ Josh Marcy (Indonesia)++ Lau Beh Chin (Malaysia)++ Noutnapha Soydala (Laos)++ Fitri Anggraini (Indonesia)++ Nicole Primero (Philippines)++ ‘Mee’ Vilasanh Soundala (Laos)++ Nurulakmal Abdul Wahid (Malaysia)++ Vidura Amranand (Thailand)++ Gebbvelle Ray Selga (Philippines)++ Sherli Novalinda (Indonesia)++ Jereh Leung (Singapore)++ Eva Wegener (Sri Lanka/Germany). all pics:I.Schad, all rights reserved.

See online : RimbunDahan

Published 6 July 2018