Open Practice Sessions 1.-3. Oct19 @ Wiesenburg

After the wonderful experience during the Open Practice Sessions (OPS) in August, I would like to continue sharing my research on spaces of contemplation within a practice around energetic principles, in which time and attention is given to freeing the inner self from jumping thoughts, psychology or personal matters. From sensing freedom within oneself and one’s movement we can more easily become -an organization, an organism, sculpting energies and movements without any further purpose than the work itself.

The next three OPS focus again on body work based on principles coming from Zen related practices like Zen-Aikido, Zen-Meditation and Shiatsu. The work concentrates on continuation of movement, breath and Ki (energy), the unity of body and spirit, the understanding of weight shift and axis rotation, on cellular consciousness, on relating body parts and organs to one another and to one’s center of gravitation, both in our individual work, in partner work and in the work within a group. We will also do some energy work with the sword that we learn to hold and move with.

On the first day, the OPS will last 3 hours which I will fully dedicate to the training and movement research as such, without any further goal of producing choreographic materials.
On the second and third day, I will propose one more hour of research, during which I would like to explore the notion of nudity as part of our origins of sensation and movement.
We will re-visit some of the body work done clothed on cellular consciousness - getting - in a very simple way - rid of our clothes, to find a pure and non-sexualised approach to sensing ourselves and one another - close to landscape and nature.
This experiment is surely proposed on voluntary basis. You can also choose to only participate to the 3 hours practice during all 3 days.

Published 6 October 2019