Workshop and Presentation @ Cango, Firenze

I have been happily working together with 11 dancers from over all Italy.
We were sharing our work on nudity and landscape on 12+13.October 2019 at Cango with a large public.

How are body work and somatics becoming sculpture?
Based on her production Pieces and Elements (2016) Isabelle Schad (Berlin) will present her unique artistic practice and develop an installation work Pieces and Elements / Nudity and Landscape within the frame of a 3 days workshop.

The workshop will introduce into different types of movement techniques around the energetic body, using principles of Asian practices such as Aikido, Shiatsu, breathing techniques as well as other somatic practices such as Body-Mind Centering. The questions at stake are concerned with the notion of form and what ‘in-forms’ a form: We are dealing with inner-outer relationships, the relation to oneself, and the self within a group in order to experience togetherness in doing.
After a time dedicated to the Ki-training described above, we will work with the nude body as materiality, as a landscape and as a sculpture. The focus is on the body-mind unit as a process and materiality - in the same time as part of experiencing oneself - revealing the nude body in a non-sexualised and pure way.

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved

See online : Cango

Published 28 October 2019