Collective Jumps as part of German Dance Award @ PACT Zollverein, Essen

FR, 18.10. 19 Uhr
Feierliche Ehrung für Isabelle Schad und Jo Parkes
Anschliessend Performance ›Collective Jumps‹ von Isabelle Schad und Laurent Goldring.

In ›Collective Jumps‹ Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring investigate the utopia of community building in dance. A bodily formation evolves from a group of 16 dancers, fluctuating between form-creation and freedom. In a fluid process, a rhythm develops from the movements of the individual bodies, the limbs of the dancers enclose, connect to and encircle each other like a single organism. Can the production of this infinite, united, monstrous body represent a setting for cultural opposition? ›Collective Jumps‹ adopts elements from folk dances and separates the movement material from its original context. Concentration and variation of familiar movements leads to an hypnotic current of continual overlappings, in which the boundaries and hierarchical relations between bodies are dissolved, without thereby dissipating the subjectivity of the individual.

See online : PACT Zollverein

Published 28 October 2019