White Trash at Ballet-Teatro Porto on the 10th of June 2006

The next presentation of this collaborative piece will be at Ballet-Teatro in Porto on the 10th of June 2006.

Published 24 May 2006

Pre-Premiere @ Transart Bozen

In a set of two frames which take the center and mirror one another, her movements rotate and accumulate towards a complex, highly physical outflow.

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved.

23.09.20, 20:00
Via Macello 38
39100 Bolzano

See online : Transart Bozen

Published 26 September 2020

Turning Solo @ Globe Theatre

Turning Solo @ Globe Theatre with Jasmin Ihrac
08.09.2020, 19:00 - anschließend Konzert mit dem Uli Geissendoerfer Trio
(Open Air am Österreichpark, Charlottenburg)
10589 BERLIN

Nach vielen Aufführungen im Theater und in Museen ist TURNING SOLO zum ersten Mal als Open Air Performance im Globe Theater Berlin und in der Interpretation von Jasmin Ihrac zu sehen.

pic: D.Hartwig, all rights reserved.

"Nicht Ekstase ist das Ziel der hoch konzentrierten Selbstverschraubung, sondern die meditative Ausstülpung von Bewegungsenergien, die dem Sog des erzeugten Strudels standhalten. Eine beglückende Doppelmeditation, die die Welt auf jeden Fall besser macht." (Astrid Kaminski)

Published 26 September 2020

Showings@Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

“Knotting is movement that never begins, never ends, ongoing and infinite, repetitive and everlasting performed with highly physical engagement.“

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved.
When | Friday 4th September 2020 • 20:00h
| Saturday 5th September 2020 • 18:00h • 20:00h
+ Where | Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

See online : Wiesenburg

Published 26 September 2020

Showings @ Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

Rotations asks for a basic trust in motion, consciousness and universal energies: everything is already there

28th + 29th August at 18:00 and 19:30 o’clock
Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

Visitor capacity is limited due to the current corona regulations.
Please reserve seats in advance by email at: schrammheiko@gmx.de
pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved

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Published 13 August 2020

FUR - Showing @ Sommerfest Wiesenburg

31.07. 18:00 & 20:00Uhr / 01.08. 16:00 & 18:00Uhr
Wiesenburg-Halle, Wiesenstr.55

FUR is a meeting with Japanese dancer Aya Toraiwa. It started as a research in the studio around Aya’s specificities – her body, rhythms, contours, colours and energies with a special focus on her extra-long hair. Treated in its potential to cover oneself with one’s own hair, similar to an animal’s fur, the hair becomes at once a protection and a prosthesis: a furry outer layer and prolongation of Aya’s body and energies. Curious, emerging presences oscillate between front and back. The somewhat fragile material around the body reveals what seems hidden and functions as a transition between the inner and the outer world.
Together we engage in constellations of being and disfiguring, in which the self itself becomes the stage: the space, place and matter that is the subject of observation. Of contemplation.
With FUR, I continue my series of works which attempt to create distinct and personal portraits through a purely physical approach, moulding respective rhythms and energies into choreographed experiences.

Concept and choreography: Isabelle Schad | Co-choreography and performance: Aya Toraiwa | Sound: Damir Simunovic | Light: Emma Juliard | Production Management: Heiko Schramm | a production by Isabelle Schad | Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. | Thanks to: Wiesen55 e.V. | photo: Isabelle Schad

FUR is part of the summer festival in the Wiesenburg (31.07. - 02.08.2020). https://www.werkhallewiesenburg.berlin/

See online : WerkhalleWiesenburg

Published 26 July 2020

Interview @ Tanzschreiber

PDF - 109.2 kb

Über kommunizierende Körper: Isabelle Schad im Interview mit Jette Büchsenschütz

See online : Tanzschreiber

Published 27 June 2020